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The Emmaus Journal  &  Mountain Top Legacy

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These two ebooks are free to download & free to share at will. They are free printable pdf’s for your convenience & you can re-size to read & print as needed. Please note that you can read online at will without saving to your computer  & just discard pdf when needed as a deleted file. Use the title link(s) to view & read or click into the book image(s) for direct link to view & read.

These ebooks are written expressions of my personal experiences in dreams & visions, & the prophetic words I have received through the Holy Spirit. Such events cannot be duplicated or copied by anyone, since they are personally given by the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. What I have absorbed & written of these experiences is the outcome of the ebooks & the blessing that I can share with everyone along the way.

The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit ~ Ruach hakodesh imparts supernatural experiences for edification, revelation in learning, & exhortation for everyone to glean truths thereby. There is nothing on this earth that can compare to the anointing power of the Holy Spirit. Many Believers know about this & have their own experience to relate to, but this supernatural power & anointing thru the Holy Spirit is totally unknown to any unbeliever outside of the Faith.


I prayerfully hope that each reader will be personally renewed & inspired by the Holy Spirit, if not provoked at the same time. May each heart be refreshed in His presence while gleaning truths & inspiration from the ebooks, now offering here free to everyone.

Thank you for being here & thank you also if you choose to download & read.

Peace to you & yours always.

C.L. Mareydt, Inspirational Author






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